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Upcoming Elections

by on October 19, 2021

We’ve just completed a four-week series on what it means to us at Millcreek Community Church to “Love God, Love Others and Make Disciples.” When Paul and Silas chose to remain in their prison cell after God had destroyed the chains that bound them and flung open their cell door, that fantastic display of love for their jailor created a tremendous opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work in the heart of the jailor and the hearts of his entire household.
On November 2nd we have the opportunity to act in love for everyone in our community by voting in the fall Municipal Election. Our system of choosing our governmental leaders works best when we learn what is true about a candidate, ask God to lead our conscience in choosing and then exercising our right and privilege by casting our vote. 
There is an unfortunate amount of heat and noise in our current political climate and an equally unfortunate lack of light. That fact doesn’t mitigate our calling to love others as Jesus, Paul, Silas and so many others have modeled for us through the centuries. Our neighbors who disagree with us politically are not the enemy.  Our community needs the input of people whose choice is both informed and whose conscience is guided by God. Our “side” is the body of Jesus Christ whose mission is to “Love God, Love Others and Make Disciples,” (No apologies for the repetition). Please pray and educate yourself from sources you have found to be trustworthy. Ask God to guide you as you choose. Then vote. 

         November 2, 2021 is the Municipal Election