Prophets and Kings: Repentance Leads to Rescue

Series: The Gospel Story

Prophets and Kings: Repentance Leads to Rescue

November 26, 2017 | Brad Wingler
Joel 1:1-14

     Prophets and Kings: “Repentance Leads to Rescue”       

Joel 1:1-14

Book of Joel Summary:

Repentance is a single act of turning from sin and placing faith in God.

1. We are grieving people. (Joel 1:1-14)

2. We are returning people. (Joel 2:12-14) 

3. We are restored people. (Joel 2:18, 25-32)

4. We are sent people. (John 20:21)

 Faith Sheet for Friends and Family this Week

Prophets and Kings: “Repentance Leads to Rescue” (Joel 1:1-14)

1. What is the worst bug story you can remember? Why do you think insects cause people so much fear and anxiety? 

2. What does it mean to grieve over sin? What is the difference between grieving over the effects of sin and grieving over sin itself? 

3. What are some actions in Joel 1:5-14 people were to take to accompany the emotional aspects of grief over sin? Why is it important that both action and attitudes match? 

4. How does knowing the character of God change how we repent? (Joel 1:13) 

5. Take some time and have several people share their stories of repentance, then discuss how you can practically share those with others to point them to the gospel. 


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