Child Care Policy

1) Why is MCC piloting a childcare benevolence plan for Community Group meetings?

At MCC, our mission is to Love God, Love Others and Make Disciples. One way this happens is through weekly community groups. Our goal is to offer environments where relationships grow and people find life and purpose through Jesus Christ. We recognize that for some parents, the cost of childcare might be an obstacle in their ability to meet with others to grow in Christ and build relationships with their peers while participating in a Community Group meeting.

To assist parents in removing this obstacle, we have decided to make available benevolence funds to parents for childcare costs incurred as a result of participating in a Community Group meeting. Through childcare benevolence we can remove a barrier for people and offer them the opportunity to grow in Christ with others.

2) Does MCC have a recommended list of babysitters?

No, for liability reasons MCC does not recommend babysitters. Family, friends and others you know with children are going to be the best place to find babysitter recommendations.

3) Will receiving benevolence money affect my income level?

Childcare financial assistance is provided through MCC’s benevolence fund and is not taxable. MCC will not issue a Form 1099 to the recipient as these disbursements are classified as a gift.

4) How soon do I need to fill out the Childcare Benevolence Form?

You must submit a Childcare Benevolence Form within 45 days of the Community Group meeting you attended. The Form should be submitted monthly.

5) How many hours of childcare will MCC reimburse?

We have estimated that the average Community Group meeting will last up to two hours. The amount paid to a babysitter is entirely and fully up to the parents. MCC’s assistance is intended to help offset some (but likely not all) of the childcare costs associated with the parents’ participation in a Community Group. The current reimbursement is based on a meeting reimbursement; the rates are as follows:

$10/hr per babysitter


6) Are there any restrictions or qualifications to the childcare benevolence program?

Any family that attends MCC on a regular basis, for which childcare is an obstacle to participation and all other childcare solutions have been considered, is eligible to request assistance from childcare expenses incurred for children under the age of 13. Policy exceptions for older children with special needs will be considered.

7) How will I receive my check?

Reimbursement checks will be mailed to your home address or placed in your church mailbox listed on the Childcare Benevolence Form. Checks will be given within 10-14 days of submission of forms.

8) I have a unique situation that isn’t addressed in FAQs.

Please email  if you need any further assistance.

9) What forms are needed?

Please fill out the Childcare Benevolence Form below.

Childcare Reimbursement Request

Hourly Rate*

Please Write out Each Family Name that is using the Benevolence.