Easter Poem

Posted by Rob Dunn on

As our hearts and minds anticipate the exuberance of Resurrection Sunday and the finished work of Christ on our behalf, we must first pass through the solemnity of the darkest of celebration days. The darkest day because of the cost of the cross. As our minds gravitate toward our suffering Savior, may the remembrance of the cost of the cross reveal to us the profound depths of Christ’s love, that caused Him to willingly lay down His life for us.

Our dear Lucille Ruffo has written a poem that expresses her heart in the cost of the cross. May God use it to awaken our hearts.


               For Us

A beaten was given,
Then crowned with thorns…
Not once did You whimper,
Nor did we hear mourns.  

To Calvary You walked,
In all of your pain…
With a cross on Your back,
And Your body so lame. 

As the hammers were swung,
With every touch…
The nails being pounded,
Must have hurt You so much. 

The sword pierced Your side,
How it hurt You within…
You did this for us,
To save us from sin.

Into His hands,
You were then taken up…
Your pain was now over,
You had suffered Your cup. 

For the love of the world,
He gave His own Son…
Through the Holy Spirit,
His victory was won.

With all of Your torment,
And all of Your strife…
We were given the Gift,
Of eternal life………………. 

Lucille “Pee Wee” Ruffo