“Making Him Known” makes a difference!

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My name is Mitch and I live in Louisiana. I love your church! You may be wondering how in the world I could love your church. I have never been to Erie, PA or Millcreek Community Church.  

I was a long-term volunteer at the Mission organization called Hope of Life International. My sister and I arrived the exact same day to head to Guatemala as your team. We rode the bus with them to the compound. It was a very long bus ride but your group was so kind about it and patient.  

I also helped your group during the week a few times. The Millcreek Group was one of the most kind, compassionate, friendly, caring, and appreciative groups I worked with. They were such a hard-working group as well. I went with them to El Palmo to give out food bags and paint a house. I also loved to see how many people in your group loved to Evangelize and really put themselves out there…living out the Gospel. You really begin to understand the Gospel and its power when you start stepping out of your comfort zone and just trusting God.   

So I just thought your team needed commending for all the great work they were able to accomplish for the Lord. My sister Helen also loved your church's group so very much. I enjoyed them so greatly and if you ever need any help or anyone to go with you guys and help out I will be there.   Keep building wells. I think water wells are the absolute neatest thing whenever a village finally experiences it. It is the treasure that has always been there and they just needed someone who had a key to the lock. Keep unlocking great things for God.