Preparing your Heart for Sunday Morning

Posted by Brad Wingler on

I recently came across an article that helped me, and I hope you as well.  "7 Ways to Prepare for Gathered Worship" is the name of the article and it gives some helpful advice on ways to get our hearts ready to praise the Lord together as a church body gathered together.  Check out the link above and read the list of seven below!

1. Wake up early to pray and spend time in God’s Word, rather than having to rush around so you’re not late

2. Spend some time confessing any sin you know exists in your heart and life

3. Resolve any relational issues and conflicts so far as you are able

4. Read through the sermon text prior to arriving at church

5. Listen to worship music on your way and begin lifting the eyes of your heart to the ONE we gather to worship

6. Arrive early and ask the Holy Spirit to begin preparing your heart to hear what He’d have you to hear

7. Spend time recounting specific evidences of God’s grace in your life this week

Which of these do you already do?  Which can you work on?  The aim is to Know Him, Treasure Him and Make Him known.  A heart that is prepared as we gather together is ready to accomplish these goals!