Small Groups: Importance of Connecting

Posted by Brad Wingler on

When my wife and I first started attending MCC we were a little nervous and un-connected; and to be honest, the prospect of developing relationships and connecting with others in a larger church felt daunting. That was until a few people invited us to their small group. After attending the group we realized that the Lord had brought us "home". The sense of disconnect soon vanished. Not only did we develop friendships, but were strengthened and challenged in our relationship with Jesus Christ; we began to grow relationally in two directions, both horizontally (personal relationships) and vertically (with Christ). 

Being part of a small group has been critical to our lives and has been a great means of God's grace in strengthening us and enabling us to stay Kingdom focused and Christ centered. It is amazing to see how the Lord works through the family of God and how vital his "one another" design is to our lives. 

-Pierino Pieri