Guatemala Prayer

Posted by Todd Cyphers on

MCC Family,

As we move forward with God's work in Guatemala, here is a report from a man who has been in ministry there and has given us some specific prayer requests to consider. Remember the first meeting for those interested in going is Sunday, March 4th after the 10:45 service on the 2nd floor.  Contact the church office at 835-4673 for more information.

The crime that grips Guatemala City - There are zones that are “Code Red” or “No Go” zones.  These zones are so dangerous that even locals won’t go there unless they are forced to live there.  The police force in the country is improving but is still very corrupt. The crime issues have prevented tourism from flourishing here. 

The younger generation has pulled themselves away from not only the traditions of the family but God himself.  This is a generation that doesn't think they need God in their life. 

Idol worship in the indigenous tribes of Guatemala is everywhere. Many people are worshipping statues. They believe that if you bring flowers, give them expensive alcohol, or put cigars in their mouths that their request will be answered.  Mormonism is the second largest religion behind Catholicism. The Mormons have worked tirelessly and have their false beliefs influencing people everywhere.

People who have physical or mental disabilities of any type are left to beg and fend for themselves.  There is no work, help, or support for this people group.  Many parents will sell their children and their new masters send them into the streets asking for shoe shines and selling candy.  Other children you see with their parents selling street food or other items. Many are beaten when they don't raise enough money.

The election of a new president holds promise and hope for the country.  His main focus is to clean up the corruption both in the Government and especially the police force.  Pray that he doesn’t fall into temptation and become corrupt like leaders of the past. 

Guatemala has only been out of a massive civil war since 1998.  The effects of that war set the country back about 40 years and have left the people in dire need. The people of Guatemala are warm and caring people. Pray that the message of Christ will be heard in the aftermath of their sufferings.