2011 Bible Reading Plan

Posted by Brad Wingler on

     As the new year begins, one of the staples in my routine is to adapt a daily reading plan of Scripture.  Last year I did the Discipleship Reading Plan and enjoyed it very much.  It gives you a few days at the end of every month to catch up (which was great as we adjusted to the birth of our son!).  It keeps you reading in four different areas at a time.  This is also helpful for me as I work and learn better with several things happening at once.  It also, if you stay on track, allows you to complete the entire Bible in a year.  This year I'm doing the 5x5x5 Reading Plan with several students in the student ministries and college volunteers. This plan keeps me in the New Testament all year, gives me two days every seven days to catch up, and has less reading.  I counter the less reading by using a study Bible or two (I've been using the ESV Study Bible, the ESV MacArthur Study Bible, or the Life Application Study Bible).  I have also tried to add at least a Psalm a day.  

     In choosing a reading plan my suggestion is to think of your goals for that year.  Too often the goal is the entire Bible.  This can be overwhelming for some people, and may not be what God intends for you in this season.  This year God may have you in a place where you really need and long for the teachings of Jesus in the gospels, and you may just camp there reading and re-reading.  Perhaps you are desiring some time in the prophetic books of the Old Testament and wondering how they point to Christ.  Or maybe you are desiring some time in Paul's letters and would like to study how the Church is to operate and interact with believers and God.

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     God's word is eternal and we will be learning from it for eternity, don't think you have to do it all this year!  Seek Him and see what He desires for your growth this year!  But most importantly seek Him in His Word, it is the one thing that give you truth today!