4 Chair Training and the 4 M's

Posted by Brad Wingler on

Have you ever read the great commission in Matthew 28:18-20 and thought, “Yes!” and then immediately wondered, “How?” You’re not alone. Many people have this desire to “make disciples who make disciples” but lack a tangible way to make it happen that effectively works for them.

We just had the opportunity to gather as a church and spend some time looking into the life of Christ and how He modeled an ongoing ministry of multiplying disciple makers. This training was through SonLife ministries and was based off of Dan Spader’s book, “4 Chair Discipling.” The first chair is for The Lost who have the command to “Come and See” from John 1:39. The second chair is the Believer who has the command to “Follow Me” from John 1:43. Third is the Worker who is to follow Jesus and become a “fisher of men” as in Matthew 4:19. Lastly, is the Disciple Maker chair. Those in this chair are commanded to “Go and Bear Much Fruit” from John 15:16.

At MCC we use a similar model as the 4 Chairs, known as the “4 M’s”. These “4 M’s” match up nicely with the 4 Chair model from Spader. The M’s at MCC are Membership (Come and See), Maturity (Follow Me), Ministry (Fish for Men) and Multiplying (Go and Bear Fruit).

We believe we are called to say to others to come and see who Jesus is through our words and actions so they might become members of God’s eternal family. The person who has now become a Member of God’s family is to Mature in Christ by loving God and loving others as themselves. As a person pours into a deeper understanding of who God is he begins to develop as a Minister of the gospel and fishing for men through caring for their peers and sharing the gospel with others. Finally, a Multiplying person is intentional about making a disciple who disciples others, creating spiritual children and grandchildren.

To put this simpler, “We want to see people become Members of God’s family, Maturing in Christ-likeness, living a life of Ministry and Multiplying what Christ has done in our lives.”

We are going to post a few blogs in the next few weeks detailing each of the 4 M’s in order to get a grasp on what this tangibly looks like as the body of Christ in order to see people become disciples of Christ who make disciples of Christ! A question to ponder is, “Who will I intentionally invest in to see him or her become a disciple of Christ who multiplies others?”