Caring Enough to Confront Sinful Layers

Posted by Todd Cyphers on

Sunday we will discuss the fact that our hearts are excellent in creating idols, strategies and layers that we cannot control and that will never satisfy.  These layers also cause us to be and feel separated from the Lord and others.   King David knew this life well. He began to hide in the palace when he was called to be leading the people in their war against their enemies. It cost him greatly and if God had not sent the prophet Nathan to confront him he would have wallowed in his foolishness longer than the year he suffered.

Read Psalm 51 and see David’s genuine confession and repentance. Pray and prepare yourself for taking communion with your MCC family this Sunday. Pray for God to address our pride and sinful fear that often leads us to avoid genuine community and keeps us from often living out our true identity in Christ. 

To God Be the Glory,