Church During the Summer?

Posted by Brad Wingler on

Hello MCC,

I am praying for MCC regularly and hope you will join me and do the same. As summer arrives it is a great time in Erie to vacation and get out and enjoy some sun before it is gone. I want to share a paragraph from John Piper’s letter to the church he serves concerning the summer months.

Here is my request to you all….. Be faithful to your church. If this is your church - love her. Support her with your prayers and your giving…. People come and go during summer. That’s good. God loves to see his people getting the rest and recreation they need. But don’t go on vacation from Jesus and his people. Keep worshiping wherever you are, keep giving, keep praying, keep loving. God has amazing things in mind for us as we enter this next chapter together. It’s good to take vacations and rest. The Lord gives His saints rest. But our soul’s find rest in God alone. We mustn’t forget that because it’s summer and we’re “on vacation.”

As VBS approaches this week keep praying for the children and the leaders. VBS and Sunday School is where God planted His word in me through some faithful servants. Years later the Spirit brought those truths to fruition and He brought me to Himself.


I love you and pray for you to be so satisfied in Christ that this world and its stuff will “grow strangely dim.”


In His Grace,

Pastor Todd