Counting Our Days

Posted by Todd Cyphers on

Learning to count is important. It is however more important to learn to count what really matters. It is a constant in my world for individuals to ask; “How many people do you have on a Sunday”? or “Did you meet your budget this year?” Both questions are important in some ways. The number of people gathered to worship means that some have changed lives and are coming to worship the Living God with God’s living people. Also, it means that some individuals are here with us who do not know Jesus yet and could know Him while in our midst.

Counting the monies that come in to MCC that we all give means that we get to bless organizations in the area like the City Mission, Second Harvest Food Bank, Women’s Care Center, Adoption By Choice and other worthy ministries. It also means that recently a single mother got an alternator on her car, a woman had Christmas presents for her children, a single father could pay his electric bill and ministries to adults, youth and children took place all year long here at MCC, as well as, much more than I have time to write about here.

There is something however that is really worth counting. 

Psalm 90:12 - Teach us to number our days,that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Numbering or counting our days means that we remember that our days on this earth are short and we will soon be dying and in eternity.

There is something deceiving about our hearts and also about this life that often keeps us from believing our life here is really short compared to eternity. For us who Treasure the Living Christ, we have hope, but not grounded on the changing shadows of human beings or earthly circumstances.

I do not know what your year has been like or even your last few days, but I know there is hope.

In "Praying Through The Tough Times" by Lloyd John Ogilvie there is a prayer that focuses on true hope and maybe it would be a good time for you to express out loud your hope in the Living Christ:

Dear God, I need hope!  I long for authentic hope that is more than shallow optimism, wishful thinking, or anxious yearning.

You are the God of hope.  It is awesome to be reminded that You have been thinking about me.  Even better, it is profoundly comforting to know what You think about me and my circumstances.  You want me to experience peace today and bright hope for tomorrow.  You stay my mind on You.  Your compassion for me stirs me; Your faithfulness never fails; Your timely interventions remind me that You keep Your gracious promises. 

The sure foundation of my hope is Christ's resurrection from the dead, and the strength of my hope is in His presence and power.  Today, I intentionally commit all my concerns to You.  This commitment is like a diminutive death to my tenacious tight grip of control.  My sure hope now is for a resurrection to new life in my soul and miraculous resolution of those heart-aching worries.  As You raised Jesus from the dead, You raise me out of the graves of discouragement.  You fill me with a living hope that no trouble can destroy, no fear can disturb.  I'm alive forever, and I'm going to live this day to the fullest.

Now focus my attention on people in my life who need hope.  Make me a communicator of Your hope.  Hope through me, God of Hope!


Your Friend In Christ,