Dealing with Life's Storms

Posted by Todd Cyphers on

“Let’s be honest. Because of sin, we’re self-centered people. We expect others to serve us and treat us as the most important item on the agenda. When suffering enters our door why would that change? In fact, our selfishness may become more exposed under trial. In suffering, we expect others to serve us, this time with pity and compassion. And, we probably feel as if we’re even more important, considering the current circumstances. 'Don’t you know what I’m going through? You should pay extra attention to me!'”  (Paul Tripp)

Sunday we will look into “Encouraging Others in the Heat of the Moment”.   Matthew 8:18-27 is our text. Jesus sends His disciples into a storm and their hearts get exposed. It was an act of grace although it didn’t seem like it at the time. Jesus modeled to them how to minister to people going through trials and how to minister to others while we are in our own trials. First, however, He would need to get them to think less about themselves and more about walking in genuine faith.

“Father, grow us in our walk with You, mature our faith and increase our willingness to be ministers of the Gospel on both good and bad days.”

Your friend in Christ,