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"Disciple making is an intentional investment into peoples' lives to see them love God, love others and make disciples."

Please learn this definition of discipleship and live it out. This definition of discipleship reveals how our MCC pathway of reproducing other followers of Christ will truly work. The first time I spent real intentional time with other men to see them grow in their walk with Christ, I was excited to see God change them and make them into Christ-like men. My friends were young and really needed to grow up. What I did not expect was how much that time of discipleship would transform me. I was also a man who needed to grow up; I just did not know how much I needed to grow.

Over the next year we learned to pray together, be honest about our sins and short comings, learned to study the Proverbs together, encourage one another, memorize scripture, serve others and spend time with one another enjoying life together. God grew me as much or more than these young men by giving myself to see them grow.

The Lord knew what He was doing when He placed on my heart to invest in these men. He knew He would use me in their lives, but He also knew that investment was one major way that He would get me out of my comfortable life of doing church and make me more like Christ. Consider investing in some people’s lives to see growth in Christ and watch it be a mutual growth in Christ. Remember, “Disciple making is an intentional investment into peoples’ lives to see them love God, love others and make disciples”.  

Proverbs 27:17 - As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.