Does Love Win?

Posted by Brad Wingler on

In the Christian community there is a major discussion on Rob Bell's new book "Love Wins". This book addresses the topic of hell and the fate of every person who ever lived. Rob Bell a pastor/teacher from Grand Rapids, Michigan has revealed by his writing this new book "Love Wins" that he believes in universalism. Bell has a way about him that addresses many questions by asking more questions without answering very important theological issues. A vagueness about answers has been his "schtick". All believers should agree with Bell's statement that Love wins. God is love (1 John 4:8, 16). So ultimately love wins in that sense. But the wonder of the gospel is that love and justice win (Romans 3:26). This is only possible because of God's holiness and grace. In fact God's holiness is the only way we can explain the full truth that God's love and justice win even though it seems to be a paradox. God's love wins, because it triumphs over fallen man, and restores him through the shed blood of the Savior. God's justice wins because it took the shedding of blood to cover the sin in man. This shows God's righteousness and love to be mightily displayed for all to see. If there was no justice winning, there would never be true love winning.


Think for a moment, how can God love, but also be just? Justice demands a penalty for a wrong committed. Love demands grace, and mercy to restore a person. If God is just He has to penalize people for their sin. If God is loving, in fact love personified, He has to desire to forgive sinful man. This willingness to forgive sinners is accomplished in the cross. That day when my Savior shed His blood He showed God's justice as He took the penalty I deserved, and showedlove by going to the cross in my place. My friends love has won, and it also brought God's justice. Love and justice Win! That is the gospel!


Bell has said he is not a universalist, however, he does believe that hell is not eternal punishment, and that one day all people, even those in hell will be redeemed. This isuniversalism, it's just delayed universalism. We must be very careful who we follow in today's world. There is one truth, and it is found in the Scriptures. Bell seems to be trying to make the gospel message easier to swallow and thus changing the doctrine of an eternal hell. Romans Catholics did the same thing years ago with the doctrine of Purgatory. Do not be mistaken, Hell is real, Hell is punishment, and Hell is eternal. So, due to Rob Bell’s new theology (which is really an old theology reworked to sound sweet) we the pastor’s and elders of MCC will no longer be using or recommending Bell’s materials, sermons etc.


Here is a good article that summarizes some thoughts concerning this issue.