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MCC Family,

Yesterday was clearly a result of our praying and fasting as a congregation. To sum up the proposal we have been given, we have been asked to partner with World Help and adopt a village overseas. They have suggested a village in Guatemala with 800 people called El Palmo. The video that was shown yesterday explained that we can commit to paying for the drilling of a well ($15,000), to building a church ($22,000), to building a school/vocational school ($23,000) and to start a one year feeding program ($15,000). We can commit to one part of the transformation of a village or to all of it. The total would be $75,000 for all four aspects of this vision. We are encouraged by World Help to actually go and assist with these projects alongside indigenous people in the country.

We are in process of asking questions and gaining information. Just because they have suggested a village in Guatemala does not mean that is where we have to go but it does match up with our surveys we recently filled out.  The majority of us were moved to help somewhere in the Americas.

As we gain more information we will commit to share with you soon. Please pray for the Elder’s meeting tonight the 12th and for God to give us all wisdom.

If you are led to give extra to wherever God will be sending us, you can give to the “Mission Fund”. All monies in that fund are used for mission trips and mission giving although we do sometimes add monies from the “General Fund” to our mission trips.

Here is a website that can be used to pray for various people groups and countries. We can pray for “Countries of the World”, “Regions of the World” or be part of the “60 Days of Prayer”. You can choose either option.

This site will also be placed on our website under “links”.

Thank you for praying with me and I look forward to seeing what God will continue to do through us.

In His Grace,