Monthly Reading - Mark 6

Posted by Brad Wingler on

At Millcreek Community Church we have adopted a plan to read and learn the Bible by reading and re-reading a section of Scripture each month.  During the month of August I will update the site with a few observations/applications of the passages of Mark 6-10.  Read below for the rest of Mark 6.


     In Mark 6 we read about one of the steps to discipleship.  The step is the supervised guidance aspect of discipleship.  Jesus has been spending time with the twelve apostles and sends them out to tell others what they had learned.  They were even given the "authority over unclean spirits".  In verse thirty of this chapter the Apostles return and report back to Him (Jesus)  all that they had done and taught.  

     If your keeping track, notice a few things:

1 - Jesus' disciples work on the behalf of Jesus

2 - The disciples report back to the person discipling them

3 - When they go out they are performing works, and teaching

4 - Their teaching is a call to repentance


     Today a follower of Christ is under the command of the Great Commission to go and make disciples.  As we are making disciples as obedient adopted children of the Father of grace we should take into account how Jesus made disciples.  After the initial calling and training, Christ sends them out.  After sometime of sharing the news of Christ, a need for repentance, and performing works in His name they return to share with their Lord all that has been accomplished.  (As a side note, wouldn't it have been great to be there for that conversation and hear Peter tell of the people who repented and then hear James tell of the sick men that were made well!)  Many people are followers of Christ, but fall short in the area of discipleship.  Make today a day where you determine who you will disciple, and do it.  Make today a day where you approach someone to disciple you!  Our Lord's Commission for His people is to make disciples, this is not about a program or ministry opportunity this is about obedience to the One over all who paid the price we deserved at calvary.  How great it is to run the race and strive to disciple others in our Lord, preparing and equipping them with God's truth for their life!


Questions to Consider:

1. Are you discipling someone?

2. If you are discipling someone, are they at the point where you can send them out to duplicate all they are learning under your guidance?

3.  Have you been able to ask someone to repent lately in grace?  

4. Is there anything that you are ready to joyfully share with the person discipling you?

5. What are you waiting for?