Remembering Why We Are Here

Posted by Todd Cyphers on

It’s easier to “say” that we are here to Know Him , Treasure Him and Make Him Known than to actually live out our purpose statement at times. Even as we ask to be empowered by His Spirit we can often find ourselves drifting away from the very purpose we exist. 

This past Wednesday night was a wonderful reminder of why MCC exists. Seeing 30 men from the City mission eat dinner with us, hearing the conversations, laughing at Tim Hawkins and partnering with the City Mission to see these men have the opportunity to know Christ and become the men they were created to be is a privilege and a joy.

Another great privilege and joy is praying for missionaries across the world. Below is a recent email from Lauren Biebel in the Philippines. As you pray, please remember the men from the City Mission also pray for Lauren. 

"We moved about two weeks ago to a smaller area outside of Quezon City called Marikina.  It is closer to the community that we will be serving in called Villa Corazon.  Finally starting to feel settled and looking forward to really getting to focus on the development of the ministry now.  We are studying language 3 days a week/3 hours and it is really helpful!  Please pray for the community that we are in right now - they are battling some serious spiritual warfare... they believe there are evil spirits roaming the compound and living in the tree that we meet under for bible study.  The area has a darkness that you can feel - but we are praying that God would transform it from a place known for sexual abuse and bondage to one on fire for the Lord.  Hope to hear from you soon... Love, Lauren "