What's That Song???

Posted by Brad Wingler on

     Often at church the question, “What’s that song?” is asked.  We thought it would be helpful to inform the church where we get our music, so they can also take part in this music.  At MCC we aim to do songs that exalt God and are filled with spirit and truth.  We have found that Sovereign Grace Music is a great resource.  The songs are creative, as well as faithful to the gospel.  The leadership team at MCC attempts to sing at least one or two of their songs weekly as well as a hymn or other celebrative music. The three albums we use the most are “Next 2009 Live”, "Sons and Daughters" and "Together for the Gospel Live". You can find most of their music on iTunes or Amazon as well.  Check out their website and enjoy!  Many of the songs you can listen to samples and buy directly from them.  This is a great resource for our church to keep in touch with the songs we are singing regularly in our worship services.  This is a great way to enhance your time of praise of our King on Sunday mornings and throughout the week!