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A Note from Pastor Todd and Glenna

by Todd Cyphers on February 14, 2022

Dear Church Family,
For twenty-five years God has blessed me to serve as your pastor at MCC. We announced Sunday that He has now called me to pastor First Baptist Church in Waynesville Ohio.  Glenna and I were very moved by your encouraging words and you celebrating with us that we are moving near our children and grandkids as well as being closer to our parents.  We have grown in Christ with you, and a great deal of our growth is because of you. Thank you isn’t enough. Sunday was difficult for us and many of you because we have grown so close over the years. It is a great testimony to what the Lord has done here. 

  • Our member’s meeting is February 27th at 5PM in the sanctuary to help answer questions and give updates. 
  • MCC has started a search process for the new pastor.
  • We are praying and considering an interim pastor.
  • We will also be sharing information each Sunday and through media communication.
  • We have a rotation of men to preach through April. 
  • We are developing a team of people to continue preparing for the outdoor gatherings.
  • Our Erie church Network is in good hands with a team of elders from each of the four churches overseeing the health of the churches. We still expect another church to join our network soon. 

Our last Sunday at MCC is March 27th

My new email will be  Glenna’s email remains the same,  Both emails are active now. 

I hope this communication answers some of your questions. The servant leaders will keep you updated as we know more and continue to Love God, Love Others and Make Disciples. 
We love you church family.
Todd and Glenna

Video Message from Sunday