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Creativity and Fun; Sharing the Gospel with Kids

by on October 16, 2018

Join Pastor Shawn and Karen as they discuss a creative and fun way to share the gospel with kids at kidsAlive. It's a great ministry that utilizes puppets, skits, and some interesting old guy as a game show host in order to teach students about Jesus. 

Opening up the scriptures is important, and every student that attends kidsAlive gets their own Bible. Together we read and get to know Jesus. We are also able to learn in creative and fun opportunities like a game show! 

It's awesome to share this time with over 150 students, but parents, we must ask ourselves a question: "Are we finding creative and fun ways to share the gospel with our kids?" Some days it may just be that we read together. However, on occasion you may want to dress up, get puppets, play dough, and really spend some time learning together.  Getting to know Jesus can happen in your homes with great joy, excitement, and laughter. 

If you are interested in being part of the kidsAlive ministry or if you would like to discuss some creative ways to learn the scriptures in your home, please contact Pastor Shawn: