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Facebook Live

by Shawn Steiner on March 05, 2019

Join Pastor Todd as he discusses vision for Facebook Live. Families from MCC will also benefit from the live-streaming of our services.  There are certain Sundays that you just won't be able to make it to church. You may be out of town, have sick children, or the weather may prevent you from attending. Now you have the chance to watch the service streamed live with your children. 

You might be thinking that your child is too young to watch a full service. However, I would ask you to consider how you could use this as a training tool to teach them about the various aspects of a service. We are excited that we will now be able to stream the entire service from start to finish!

Some of the questions you may ask them:

Why do we sing together at church? 

What is the importance of reading the Bible together on Sunday?

Why does Pastor Todd talk that way? Just kidding! You would be surprised what a child may take away from a Sunday sermon.

Before or after watching a livestream on Facebook, it may also be helpful to discuss what community looks like, and the importance of being connected at a church. Take some time to share the importance of how you are connected with other believers at MCC.