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FWD into a new week

by Shawn Steiner on March 18, 2019

Well parents, it's time to fast FWD into another week.  OK, ok, I am just using a clever play on words here. FWD is just short for Family Worship Day. However, we do need to ask ourselves, how can we carry this past week's Family Worship Day into this week?

Did you miss the service this Sunday? Parents, if you are on Facebook, you can watch the entire service from beginning to end with your children. There are a few pages that are designed for other aspects of the service, such as the praise time and testimony. Click Here to DOWNLOAD the note sheet and follow along.

So, you may be asking, "Why would we consider pulling parents and kids grades K-4 into the same room?" and "Wouldn't that get a little crazy?" 

It certainly isn't the same as sitting in the sanctuary, but it's movement towards our kids being part of a Sunday morning service. A FWD provides an environment where our children are able to see an entire church service alongside their parents. At the same time, they can ask questions or have conversations about the music, testimonies, and sermon. We see these opportunities as training exercises for our little ones as they grow and develop. It's part of our bigger plan, The MCC Family Disciple Making Plan.

Please continue to pray, that our children will fall deeply in love with Jesus and His church!