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Livestreams and Communion

by Shawn Steiner on December 04, 2018

From time to time, you may have heard about the Club 56, or Youth Livestreams (7-12). What exactly is a Livestream? At MCC, we look for ways to equip our children and students to know Christ through His Word and in His church.

Livestreams provide an environment with intentional equipping and training. Together students and leaders engage with a Sunday service. The service is "streamed" onto a TV as it's happening. There is also a livestream where Parents attend with their Kid Connection (K-4) children and follow a similar format in the Family Life Room. As our children grow and mature, they need parents, and other believers to walk them through what is happening in a service. 

Children need to understand how to take notes and be an active listener. Parents and leaders do not have to worry about their fidgety child, or a preteen that whispers too loud! At a Livestream, it is perfectly ok to ask a question in the moment to help further understand a sermon point. To be honest, there are planned moments where we "mute" the TV's to really make sure they are tracking with the message. Parents, you can also walk with your students in this way.  How can you help them better understand why and how we worship God on a Sunday in community?

This past Sunday, Club 56 was able to be part of a livestream that also allowed them to observe the church taking Communion. This gave our leaders a great opportunity to discuss what Communion is, how it should be taken, and students were encouraged to have a conversation with their parents at home. Parents, what a great opportunity to share the gospel with your children while this is still fresh on their minds and hearts.

So, when is my child ready for Communion? How will I know? Please check out this write up that is part of the larger Family Disciple Making Plan here at MCC. Click Here.