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by Shawn Steiner on May 13, 2019

Yeah, I know it's a couple days after Mother's Day... but this is a Family Ministry blog! I mean come on, it would be terrible if we didn't take a moment to say, "Mom's you rock!!!"

I simply do not know how to thank you for all that you do. Most people will never know your dedication to be present in your children's lives. They may never see the late nights, or early mornings of selflessness...

Know this: we are truly grateful for you!

I pray you were refreshed on Sunday. Did you get a nap? Did someone else do the dishes? maybe you received Chocolate... flowers.... dinner! I hope many in your life gave you just a glimpse of their thankfulness and appreciation for all you do. 

God has truly blessed us. He has designed our families, and we recognize that in them moms have a very unique role. Check this out:

Isaiah 66:13 says, "As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you...”"

Have you ever noticed how most children want their mom when they get hurt? The comforting, nurturing part of our moms are just a glimpse of God's loving kindness. Mom's keep loving, comforting, and nurturing like only you can, as you aim your little ones to Christ. Pray that as your children grow and mature, they run to the One who shows extravagant love.

I love my mom; check out this sweet pic of my momma.