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Mushrooms & Investments

by Shawn Steiner on October 23, 2018

Alright, I’ll admit it. I have a weird obsession with mushrooms. They simply fascinate me, and yes, I really enjoy eating them. This is the time of the year that I look forward to. My favorite mushroom, the Maitake (also known as a sheepshead), grows in early to mid-October in this region.  The wet cold weather is perfect for their growth. They grow at the base of oak trees and on average can weigh from 5-10 pounds!

 Weird intro, huh? Well, I tell this story because as a young teenager I followed an older gentleman named Ed around the woods. He made an investment of his time and knowledge. Ed showed me how to find these mushrooms (and also taught me to hunt), and I always remember the joy he had when we came across one. It was intoxicating to see his excitement and this began to stir up a passion in me to do the same. With him I grew in my understanding (and YES, SAFETY!) and enjoyment of mushrooms.

 I always look forward to the fall, and I am grateful for how Ed invited me into his life and passion of the outdoors. My youngest daughter has really taken an interest in mushrooms. It’s kind of our thing we do together. She doesn’t eat them yet, but man she gets excited to go hunt for them. I hear often, “when are we going mushroom hunting, daddy?”

This Sunday, we have an opportunity for parents to join their children in Kid Connection for both the 9am and 10:45 service. At this Open House, parents can see the importance of the take-home sheets and how to use what is learned on Sunday for the rest of the week. This training is part of a bigger plan, the Family Disciple Making Plan, designed to create a partnership between  church and home. Together we can leverage our time, resources, and passions to make an investment into the next generation. Come and learn to make an investment that has the potential to last a lifetime; even into eternity.

 I pray you have an opportunity this week to invite your children into knowing your greatest joy, Jesus!