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Valentine's Day

by Shawn Steiner on February 12, 2019

Did anyone else get excited for Valentine's Day as a child? I remember proudly bringing my Valentine's box to school with a bag full of valentines. I would work for hours, making sure everything was just right. If you didn't know this, the way to always win the Valentine's Day box competition was to choose one of your teacher's passions. Ok, so that might have been cheating, but I had some really cool boxes (and won some great prizes). For example, I did a grand piano one year, a flying monkey another, and of course the infamous robot attached to a remote-controlled car! The class parties were always the best, and of course all the candy and snacks.  I guess while we are being honest here, sometimes I would even sneak in a few extra candy hearts into the envelope of the girl I really liked! 

Valentine's Day presents us with many opportunities to speak to our children, pre-teens and teenagers about love. It's on everyone's minds, leading up to the big day! Clearly, that conversation looks differently with each age group, but maybe there's a common thread through all the ages. Consider these three questions: How do we know what love is? Where does it come from? What’s our standard for love?

This week, in the midst of all the candy, writing of cards, building of boxes, and celebration, will you find some time to talk to your kids/ teens about love? 

So, here’s a few suggestions for your Family Worship times. Maybe, you can start with a simple principal with your children: "we love others, because He first loved us" from 1 John 4:19. Or maybe you will dig a little deeper with 1 Corinthians 13. This section of scripture is a great teaching tool that can be used with your children. I think Kristin and I might watch our wedding video with the kids when that portion of scripture is read. All of the talk of love this week can aim towards God’s love. In Romans 5:8, we see the full expression of God's love to redeem and save the lost. This is a love bigger than what our world can ever show us. There is great hope in expressing this grand love from our Creator to our children. There is no greater shown than Jesus going to the cross (1 John 15:13). What a great opportunity to communicate His love.

 Praying you have many “heart-felt” conversations this week.