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Why Serve?

by Karen Lentz on November 27, 2018

Before Thanksgiving some students from Club56 (5th and 6th Graders) served at the Second Harvest Food Bank.  Many of the students had their parents serving with them.  This is one of the events in our “Stage 3” MCC Disciple Making Plan. 

Some of you might be saying “Yea, that is a great thing to do.”  But I would ask the question…Why do you think these parents would take 3 hours out of their precious schedules to serve with their kids? Maybe it’s because parents realize that these pre-teens are surrounded by things of this world day in and day out.  A world screaming at them “It’s all about ME!” 

Serving is a great way to develop a heart for the community and the world around them.  It is another way of being the hands and feet of Jesus as we model the gospel through acts of service.  And hopefully developing hearts for a personal relationship with Jesus. It was fun to hear the laughter, the friendships being made with adults and kids, and to watch them struggle through “how can we make this work?”    Some of them had to rise up and become leaders, some needed to surrender and serve in a way that maybe they didn’t want to.

 The parents were challenged to discuss some questions with their kids throughout the week including – Who do you think we made the food bags for?  Who do you think delivered them?  How do you think the people felt when they received the food?  How can this show the love of Christ? It also gave some great praying opportunities for families and for them to realize how truly blessed we are!