Having a Daily Relationship with the Spirit

Having a Daily Relationship with the Spirit

April 10, 2016 | Brad Wingler
John 16:5-15

Following Jesus
“Having a Daily Relationship with the Spirit”
John 16:5-15

Jesus had a daily relationship with the Holy Spirit:

  • Jesus is conceived by the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:35, Matthew 1:20)
  • Baptized with the Holy Spirit (John 1:33)
  • Led by the Spirit (Matthew 4:1)
  • God’s Spirit is upon Him (Matthew 12:18, Luke 4:18)
  • Rejoices in the Holy Spirit (Luke 10:21)
  • Anointed with the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:38)
  • Performs miracles through the Spirit (Matthew 12:18)
  • Gives commands through the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:2)
  • Listens to the Holy Spirit (John 4:4, John 6:64)

Romans 8:11 – “If the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.”

John 14:15-31

I. Who is the Holy Spirit?
    1.Helper (John 14:16, 26; 16:7)
    2. Spirit of Truth (John 14:17)
    3. Part of the Trinity (John 14:26; 16:7)
    4. One just like Jesus (John 14:16)

II. Where is He now?
    1. Dwelling only in believers forever (John 14:16, 17, 1 Corinthians 3:16)

III.   What does He do?
     1. Teaches all things (John 14:26)
     2. Reminds disciples of Jesus of Jesus’ commands (John 14:26)
     3. Convicts the world concerning sin, righteousness, and judgment (John
     4. Guides disciples into all truth (John 16:13)
     5. Speaks with God’s authority (John 16:13)
     6. Glorifies Jesus (John 16:14)

IV. What do we do?
     1. Remember it is to the advantage of disciples for Jesus to go away
         (John 16:7)
     2. Focus on the Word while depending on the Holy Spirit to live the Spirit
         filled life

Ephesians 5:18 – “…be filled with the Spirit”

Colossians 3:16 – “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom…”



Faith Sheet

Transformation verse – “…be filled with the Spirit.” Ephesians 5:18

Main Themes  
~We can have a real relationship with God through the Holy Spirit, just like
  the disciples had with Jesus.
~Jesus had an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. If we are following
  Jesus we will have an intimate relationship with Him as well.


 #1 - Reviewing this Past Sunday
Following Jesus: “Having a Daily Relationship with the Spirit”
John 16:5-15

1. Read John 16:5-15 and John 14:15-31. Review the sermon with 
2. If you had been one of Jesus’ disciples, how would you have felt about
    His leaving?
3. What does friendship look like? What would friendship with the Holy Spirit
4. Do you ever view the Holy Spirit as the disciples viewed Jesus, being
    able to have a real relationship?
5. How would your view of the Holy Spirit change if you believed that He
    desired to be your friend, just as Jesus was to the twelve?
6. What role do Christians and the church play in prodding the conscience
    of the world?
7. How does the Holy Spirit teach believers?
8. What truth is the Holy Spirit presently teaching you as you walk with Him?


# 2 - Preparing for Next Sunday    
Following Jesus: “Maturing by the Power of the Holy Spirit”
Luke 2: 41-52

1. Read Luke 2:41-52. Pray for God to give you wisdom.
2. Why did Jesus’ parents go to Jerusalem every year? (41)
3. What was Jesus doing during the three days that He was on His own?
4. What were the effects of Jesus’ time with the teachers? (46-47)
5. What was Jesus’ response to His parents’ anxious questions? (49)
6. After replying to His parents, what did Jesus do? (51)
7. How did Jesus grow, and why is this important for us? (52)
8. What spiritual habits are you passing on to your children or to those who
    you disciple that are making the most impact in their lives? Pray!

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