Stories and Signs: "The Father of Two Sons"

Series: The Gospel Story

Stories and Signs: "The Father of Two Sons"

July 22, 2018 | Luke Pavkov
Luke 15:11-32

Stories and Signs: The Father of Two Lost Sons

Luke 15:11-32

I. A Rebellious Heart (Luke 15:11-19)

1. Wanting what the Father gives, but not the Father.

2. Wanting now what the Father intended for us to enjoy later.

"God rescues us by breaking us, by shattering our strength and wiping out our resistance."-A. W. Tozer

II. The Unexpected Mercy and Overflowing Love of the Father. (Luke 15:20-24)

III. A Self-Righteous Heart (Luke 15:25-32)

1. Duty, not delight.

2. Justice without mercy.

3. Serving, but far from the Father’s heart.

Family Faith Sheet

1. In what ways do we want what the Father can give, but not the Father himself?

2. What are common examples of how we might squander the good gifts of God?

3. In what ways does the Father’s treatment of us go above and beyond what we could have hoped for?

4. Are you more likely to see your Christian life as the drudgery of a servant or a feast for a son? Why?

5. Do you find your heart more prone towards rebellion or self-righteousness? How can we guard our hearts against these two extremes?



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