The Rescue Begins: "Helping Others with their Thirst"

Series: The Gospel Story

The Rescue Begins: "Helping Others with their Thirst"

June 10, 2018 | Todd Cyphers
John 4:1-42

The Rescue Begins: “Helping Others with Their Thirst”

John 4:1-42    

John 3:35-36   

John 6:35-37 

I. Believe the Father’s promises. (John 4:1-4)

II. Be willing to engage. (John 4:5-9)

42 Seconds: The Jesus Model for Everyday Interactions - by Carl Medearis 

III.Build bridges.   (John 4:7-9)


IV. Share the Good News. (John 4:10-15)

1. Hope. Vs. 10-15

a. Vs 10 - “Gift of God” - Christ

b. Vs 10 - “Living Water” - Life

c. Vs 13 - “Never thirst again...” - Satisfaction

d. Vs 14 - “A continual spring welling up to Eternal Life” - God’s resurrection life

2.  Sin and wounds. (Vs. 16-19)


3. Sharinglife and discipling. (Vs. 20-42)

 Faith Sheet for Friends and Family this Week

1. How often do you encounter foreign-born people who are living in the United States? How could we be more involved in cross-cultural ministry? 1 Thessalonians 2:8, 2 Thess. 3:1, Matthew 5:16, 28:18-20. 

2. How do you personally know that earthly sources of water (life) do not satisfy? John 7:37-39

3. What are the characteristics of worshiping in spirit and in truth?

4. Has there been a season in your walk with Christ where you were more sharing of the gospel than in your current season? What made the difference?

5. How can you help your spouse, children etc. with their spiritual thirst? Have you asked them how you can help? 


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